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Update: 01 Jan 2008

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Welcome to the History' COLUMN which showcase to our new comers the site's brief history & what installed aroud here. Specially brought to you by MAXXUM INTERACTIVE ! We started out in a team of  non-professional young adults. Inspired with the idea of having fun, upgrading and DIY our computers. It was after many repeat trips to Sim Lim Square that inspired the idea to went ahead and setup the most-sought after 'Computer Components Pricelist site' as there is a lacking of information on the internet as of 1997.

We started the Singapore FIRST Computer Hardware Pricelist incorporated since 20th May 1997,being the FIRST and MOST Popular local Components PRICELIST site at that time with over 2,000 page views per month in the period  Jan 1998 ~ Aug 1998. 

With help from the S-One Lioncity hosting we are able to host the Pricelist on our very own site at in late 1997 as we established to become the top 3 visited sites in the Lioncity's in year 1998 between the month of April ~ July.

As from early August 1998.Due to the emerging need for a expansion to higher ground.Maxxum Interactive went ahead with the merger between us and the Singapore Overclocker's Group. Forming Singapore's currently #1 visited computer website. The SINGAPORE HARDWARE ZONE  Bring all the need information into one MEGA house. Since early 1999, Singapore Hardware Zone have renamed and now known as on the internet.

Written and edited by : Matthew Fam (2004)

Our credits and archivements  includes the following :
- Singapore FIRST Computer Components PRICELIST website
 - "BEST OF ASIA-PACIFIC WEB AWARD" awarded in 1998  to the our Computer Components PRICELIST Service
- Singapore FIRST non-commercial and non-professional designed website to win the "Best Of Asia-Pacific Web Award"
- "Singapore RIVA Sling" ,FIRST in Asia-Pacific region to host such a dedicated NVIDIA RIVA128 family cards users site.
- FIRST in Singapore to mirror Offical Sim Lim Square's Computer Stores' PRICELIST on our site.Including FORTEX
- Singapore #1 to focus a page on Sim Lim Square computer stores' services,after-sales,ranking,etc.
- Highest "Hits" in pageviews on a  non-commercial website in S'pore with over 2,000 hits recorded daily (as of 30th June 1998)  

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